Charoen Pokphand Malaysia


1. Introduction

 - To implement Ecommerce site to sell CP Food Product Online

2. Objective

 - Selling products to business customer & individual

 - Customer can buy the products through e commerce platform.

 - Convert cash customer from MT & FS to e-commerce. CPO). Business to Business (B2B)

3. Project Team


Ms Wichayada
Ms Thidarat
Mr Poom
Ms Wimonchat

Ms. Norlina Ramli
Ms Amonrat Pittsutian

Ms. Wan Nor Farhana Binti Wan Awang
Ms. Afiqah Syazana Binti Azahari
Mr. Azri Bin Shabuddin
Ms. Nur Ismahani

Ms. Wantanee (Project Owner)
 Mr. Chris (Project Manager)
 Mr. Sampan (Account)
  Mr. Chawin (Account)
Mr. Durai (Logistic)
 Mr. Soon (Sales)
 Mr. Hafizul (FS Sales)
Mr. Khairul (Marketing)
 Mr. Khairidhwan (Logistic)

4. Project Schedule

No Activities PIC 2020 2021 2022
              W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4
1 Project Details IT MY, IT TH, USER                                          
2 Ecommerce Details IT MY, IT TH, USER                                         

Documentation & Smartsoft

IT MY, IT TH, ACC                                         
4 Budget Approval IT MY, IT TH, ACC                                                  
5 Kick Off Meeting IT MY, IT TH, USER,VENDOR                                                  
6 Meeting with Vendor and User IT MY, IT TH, USER,VENDOR                                                  
7 TH Development IT TH                                                  
8 MY Development IT MY, VENDOR                                                  
9 Product Pricing SALES                                                  
10 eCommerce Design IT MY, IT TH, USER,VENDOR                                                  
11 Marketing Plan MARKETNG                                                  
12 Implementation SALES                                                  
13 Overview Result SALES & MARKETING                                                  

5. Key User

 - Ms. Wantanee - (Project Owner)
 - Mr. Chris (Project Manager)
 - Mr. Sampan (Account)
 - Mr. Chawin (Account)
 - Mr. Durai (Logistic)
 - Mr. Soon (Sales)
 - Mr. Hafizul (FS Sales)
 - Mr. Khairul (Marketing)
 - Mr. Khairidhwan (Logistic)

6. System Flow

 System Flow



7. Activities

9 May 22
- Stop the project implementation because user no respond regarding the project implementation
07 Feb 22
- Web service and API already completed
24 Jan 22
- Waiting user to Published Phase 1
17 Jan 2022
- Waiting TH update
10 Jan 2022
- Will continue 18 Jan 2022
29 Nov 2021
- Waiting infra local and infra TH to set up API and webservice
15 Nov 2021
-Waiting TH side (Mr. Poom) to setup for API and webservice
8 Nov 2021
- Set up meeting with Vendor on 11 November
1 Nov 21
- Receive request information from vendor order API documents
25 October 21
- Waiting vendor on implementation Phase 2 project
11 Oct 21
- Follow Up with vendor regarding Phase 2 project.
-Waiting Vendor
4 Oct 21
-Done update program GBM1P000 and GBM1S000 in server
20 Sept 2021
- User Training with user
- Pending write up from marketing
- Pending go live date Phase 1 from marketing
14 Sept 21
- Training with vendor on 20 September 2021. 
7 August 21
- Meeting with vendor on 9 September for close the Phase 1
30 August 21
-End user training will held on october 2021, No confirmed date .
Pending from CPMY to vendor:
1. Email account for email notification.
2.Official CPemail account
3.Faq page content
4.Refund policy
5.Privacy policy
6.Ipay88 merchant code and key
24 August 21
- Waiting vendor to move to our server.
- Ms Frame already update language at program GBM1P000 and GBM1S000 into English.
- Waiting Ms Tan to retrain us again.
17 August 21
- Training for  program GBM1P000 and GBM1S000 by Ms Tan already held in 13 August. Will retrain again TBA.
-End of the month will do Pen test. No confirm date
- Pending from Vendor:
1. Invoice
2. Account iPay88
9 August 21
- Meeting with Vendor on the projects update 13 August
- For program GBM1P000 and GBM1S000, Ms. Tan will teach how to set up eCommerce to SmartSoft. No confirmed date.
3 August 21
- Meeting with vendor on the project updates and comment on the website
Pending from Vendor:
1. order before 12 pm order will be sent on the following day.
2. on zone details will appear zone name, delivery date front end and back end
3. Add one more column inside the invoice - Amount (exc), Sales tax, Total with Sales Tax - to be confirmed with account.
4. Add order status - Processing order, Out for delivery and so on.
5. Add date inside the delivery schedule
27 July 21
- Meeting on vendor on the updates and feedback on the website
- Waiting to feedbacks from vendor on next meeting.
Pending Vendor tasks:
- Shipping details- delivery notification in progress
- Product information - waiting Mr. Khairul give it to vendor by tomorrow
- Access role- Give sample email by dept to test by their access role
- Checkout - Still pending and fixing
- Invoice implementation
21 July 21
- Conduct meeting with vendor on testing platform
- Conduct testing for Front end and backend on the website with IT team, sales team, logistic team
- Will conduct meeting on Tuesday, 27 July on updates and feedbacks with vendor
19 July 21
- Conduct meeting with vendor on 21 July on testing platform.
- Waiting Ms Frame respond on appointment training meeting on program GBM1P000 and GBM1S000 by this month.
13 July 21
- Already confirm with BU head for the project timeline.
- Waiting Vendor to give testing platform for APP to test.
- Waiting Ms. Frame to make appointment on learn how to use GBM1P000  and GBM1S000 by this month.
22 June 2021
- Waiting vendor to do UAT on 14/7
- Waiting sales team compile related information for payment gateway registration.
17 June 2021
-Meeting with Vendor and sales team
15 May 2021
- Configuring the server
31 May 2021
Configuring database UAT to retrieve data for master data
28 May 21
Checking new program ITG89100 Generate Data to Kafka to obtain master data.
21 May 21
- Had a meeting with internal e-Commerce team
18 May 21
- Follow up master data from Ms. Frame.
12 May 21
- Ms Frame received master data from TH programmer and checking on it.
07 May 21
- Request master data from Ms. Frame and will send to vendor.
- Find new vendor for Kafka API Integration
04 May 21
- Infra TH is building Kafka and set up new server including webservice.
28 Apr 21
- Waiting for TH
23 Apr 21
- Infra MY build new server 2016 finished already. Infra TH install program about Oracle 12C client.

24 Mar 21
- IT TH prepare the KAFKA environment

17 Feb 21
Meeting with Webtemple, CP provide information on CPanel and domain access to Vendor, TH support will provide the API link.

- We will do weekly meeting with vendor every Thursday 2PM start on 4 March 2021 until completion of the development.
04 Feb 21
Kick-off Meeting with Webtemple

26 Jan 21
- Meeting with the Vendor and User via Teams
20 Jan 21
- Kick off meeting with the vendor via Teams
12 Jan 21
- Decided to continue with vendor to develop the Ecommerce site
06 Jan 21
- Got video conference session, dicussion regarding the timeline that IT TH will implememt Ecommerce Site

09 Dec 20
- User agree to waiting for Thailand site development
08 Dec 20
- Thailand support would like to Implement and develop the ecommerce platform
06 Dec 20
- Waiting PR and PO submission
04 Dec 20
- eCommerce - Outsource
02 Dec 20
Waiting for IO number and user to open PR

26 Nov 20
- Pending Mr Khairul & Mr Chris to create IO and open PR
20 Nov 20
- Mr Chris send the latest quotation Ms Wantenee sign
18 Nov 20
- Send latest quotation to Mr Chris for checking and Ms Wantanee acknowledgement sign at quotation.
17 Nov 20
- Vendor return the correct quotation
16 Nov 20

- Mr Khairul inform to ask vendor to correct the quotation for SSL and Web Hosting.
-Send email to webtemple to do correction on the quotation
13 Nov 20
- Mr Chris inform budget approval already confirm
09 Nov 20
- Follow up with Mr Khairul regarding the latest status. Waiting for his feedback
02 Nov 20
- Follow up with Mr Khairul regarding the latest status. He inform in process to request budget and he used existing price from vendor.
-Mr Chris choose SME plan on Ipay88 like on the quotation..
27 Oct 20
- Send ipay88 packages to Mr Chris.
23 Oct 20
- Got a video conference session with Marketing,Sales and Warehouse.
-Mr Chris request a further pricing plan on Ipay88.
- Mr Durai share delivery schedule for every state.
20 Oct 20
- Video Conference session with Mr. Dave from Webtemple
- Estimation time = 2 month
- Mr Dave will give the revise price on Thursday(22 Oct 2020)
14 Oct 20
- Done video conference with Implementer and programmer, they explain the parameter needed for webservice and Kafka
- For the interface order step from Web B2B to SS, wbre will only received or input not send anything
- Implementer ask to check with vendor regarding the Customer information and address parameter because we setup only one CV
- Will do a disscussion session with Vendor on Friday (20 Oct 2020)
01 Oct 20
- Waiting for Ms Tu inform Thailand available time to conduct the video session at 14 October 2020
29 Sep 20
B2B ecommerce meeting
- Waiting Ms Wantanee to Sign CR Form
- Discuss again regarding the CV , Ms Wantanee call Ms Tu for further explanation.
- Mr Chris & Ms Wantanee would like to simplify the registration process by creating 1CV for all customer.
- Mr Chawin said can do the 1CV for all customer (treated as cash transaction) *No credit term
- Ms Tu advise to used 1 CV for 1 Customer and ask Ms Marlyana to check again the data that need to do closing and reporting to SAP.
- Ms Marlyana said will check again and confirm back with the Team
- Ms Tu said once account confirm the ways , she will start discussing with programmer and send all guideline and requirement with vendor.
- Start implement after October when finish present to president, and estimate to finish in the Mid December 2020
Task for IT
- Finalize the budget and show comparison again
- Make sure the vendor able fulfil all the requirement in B2B site
- Ask vendor got another payment gateway beside ipay88- Interest to high-Mr Chris
- Ask vendor to add multilanguage option BM and BI
- Ask vendor to add one Feedback button like google form or live chat
- Ask vendor at registration page to got option to choose one for individual and one for company

8. Issue and Solution

 - Check with vendor, at B2B website able to capture sequence of customer information and address.